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I am always fascinated by the ubiquitous French use of the adjective Bon/ne before so many nouns to end a conversation and wish someone well in doing something.  As I sought a heading for this update of the website, the lovely phrase above came to mind.  The seemingly never-ending 'confinement' is getting to all of us I think so a bit of 'Bonne' here and there won't go amiss.  


Possibly many of us will have had our vaccinations before our next meeting so maybe there is some chance of a 'déconfinement' 'ere long and maybe at some time in 2021, we will get back to our meetings at the Hôtel de Ville.  Meanwhile we continue on Zoom.


Last month we had a superb presentation on India from our Circle member Norris Bonser, who has had a very long acquaintance with India so was able to talk about the country with real experience - and it certainly left me with a greater understanding of the country and its very many facets.  The photos were superb and gave a real feel for how things are there.  Very many thanks to Norris for all the effort he must have put into the presentation.


The theme of India continues for our next presentation when Marion Donaldson will give us a whistlestop tour of the Himalayas - she is calling it 'Une Visite Eclair'  sharing with us her impressions of the country and the religions there based on a trip Marion made a couple of years ago.   Many thanks in advance to Marion.

We also have two very interesting presentations lined up for March and April. Consult our 'Forthcoming Programme' page for more information.


As always our meeting in February is on the second Wednesday of the month - so Wednesday 10th February.  The Zoom session will be open from 7.15 ready for a start at 7.30 until somewhere between 8.15 and 8.30 pm.  A link for the meeting will be sent a couple of days beforehand to everyone on my mailing list.  If you are not on the list but would like to be, contact me via the website.

  We hope you can join us on the 10th.

Mary Green 2nd February, 2021



We are a group of over thirty members who all love France its culture and its language.  We welcome visitors and new members at all our meetings.  Membership is £15 p.a. and thereafter attendance at meetings if free.

The Visitor fee is £2 per meeting.


We meet at Huddersfield Town Hall on the second Wednesday of each month 7.30 - 9.15 p.m. Details of all meetings can be found on the Programme section of this website.

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